Sunday, November 07, 2004

i had the weirdest dream ever last night

i dreamed that i got pregnet, and i had a baby in my own house, and our house is set up so that if you walk downstairs, the laundry room is right in front of you and its completely unfinished and everything.. and in my dream is finished, it had balck carpeting and black walls and there is a purple light of some sort glowing out of it. and i sit in the doorway and have the baby...then the baby disappears but i dont care. then i go to the mall of america (it looks completely different though) and alex(an old friend of mine) is with me along with ashley and julia and then ashley disappears and so does julia and then its just alex and me and we walk down all these stairs and then we get to this place thats like a dark midevil church and all of sudden she is wearing a red dress and i am wearing a black dress. we look around and there are people in black everywhere, mostly men and then two girls, both wearing these fabric hair-net-thingys that cover all of their hair and they are smiling and one of them had a slightly taller slightly older boy standing next to her, the other girl is in front of her. we are all standing in front of pews as "important" men walk down the isle. the girl thats alones' hair-thingy is red but her dress is black and the girl in back of her is wearing all black and the boy next to her is wearing eyeliner(everyone there seems to be wearing black eyeliner) and he has one silver hoop in his right ear and has long in the front short in the back balck hair and he keeps looking at me with a half smile. then i am in the "laundry" room of my house again only its supposed to be ashleys house and im pregnet again. then sid and norra(my old day-care providers who we keep in touch with even though i havent needed a sitter in like 4 or 5 years) and my parents show up and i have another baby and then it too disappears (i forgot this before but at the beginning of my dream im in this little booth thingy thats on the side of this dark little town in the middle of the night and...thats when i get pregnet...) then im in this huge room and someone is telling me they hope im not afraid of the dark and then i wake up. it sux that i had to wake up. i wish i could just die so i can go home.


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