Wednesday, November 03, 2004

i hate all my extreme so-called friends

all of my friends except for som and julia are extremest poseur loosers. ashley does weed, wears hot topic merchy and listens to manson and thinks shes goth! the things that make her un-goth: 1.she listens to manson 2. she shops at hot topic 3.shes stupid(very very stupid) 4. she doesnt read unless she appsolutely has to 5.her hole room is covered with poseurs posters 6. she actually liked the movie goth 7. she has extremely bad makeup 8. she doesnt like the cure, and everyone knows that robert smith is our goth god!!! 9. she smokes weed anyway..i think a real goth would do this after school 1. fall asleep with head phones blairing the cure or siouxsie and the banshees or sisters of mercy, etc. 2. wake up around 6 to eat dinner with the fam and breeze through abnormally hard homework because goths are smart like that 3. go back to sleep around 7 with the door shut and locked and all the lights off 4. wake up at 10pm and put on trench coat and walk to karibu to get coffee and read a book (sneak out) smoke some cloves with friends who share interests at karibu. 5. get tired and go home and sleep until the next morning... ok so maybe thats more like my ideal day..but you get the point, weed and manson and hot topic do not make you goth, cloves, black clothes and the cure make you goth (the cure part is my opinion because i know and you know that robert smith is god)
anyway.....what else to complain about??
oh that MOTHER FUCKING SUN A OF BITCH BUSH WON THE ELECTION!!! fucker. i hate him. he spends money on all this shit in iraq saying they have chemical weapons, dum shit, there was no false report the u.n. weapons inspectors told us they have no chemical weapons!! and they didnt!!! then he makes this "no child left behind" law, praises schools that do well on the testing and punishs schools that fucked it over. "hello, anyone in there dumass???" (to bush) you have to give the schools that fale or dont do so well the means to succeed!!!you cannot color in a map of the U.S. without a pigmented writing implament, now can you???!!! there are also hungry children all over our own nation that that money could have gone too. then people start to say "oh gee golly, i wonder why our economy goes to shit when a republican is in office?" well oh gee golly gosh let me think MAYBE, ITS BECAUSE THE STUPID FUCK REPUBLICANS GIVE THE FUCKIN RICH PEOPLE THERE NICE LITTLE TAX CUTS!!?? oh gee golly, COULD THAT BE FUCKIN IT????!!!! done with my little rant
im gonna go eat hungry....


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