Sunday, November 07, 2004

i wish i could live in the world of my dreams(literally, not like dream world as in my dream world like the perfect world i made up myself but my actual dream world, the dreams i have at night worl) forever. that would be one odd world, i have one hell of an imagination that goes into nothing but my dreams, i dont even know how to tap into it when im fully consious.
i think there has been a purpose to my having two friends one of which being the adults dream kid and the other being a miniature hooker. i think thats why i "became goth" in the first place. when was in like.... 4th grade i made friends with faduma and she wasnt a discusting weirdo then but she became one by 5th grade. and i was friends with her during 4 and5th grade and she did nasty shit(she had sex with her uncle, and watched a guy cum before she even knew what that meant). then in 6th grade i didnt have any weird or rebelious friends and the balance between me, kid who gets in trouble on occasion and dream kid and shit kid was terminated and i had to regain that balance and i did it by becoming goth. i may act like im 25 to some people but its not because i try. its no fun to be in 8th grade. its funny how you always think that 8th grade would somewhere beyond heaven when your in 2nd grade but when you finally get there, its shit. i would grreeeaatly enjoy high school right now. more people like myself to make friends with, and everyone is used to having us around so they leave us alone and you can drive and ill be taller by then... im not waiting for death, im pretty sure i already died and went to hell.


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