Friday, November 05, 2004

i wish i had less of an imagination

i want to double peirce my ears, then peirce the cartaladge in one ear and put little dangly silver rings in all the wholes, i also want a nose stud and to shave my eyebrows off, so i can draw them in, i also want to diy my entire head of hair light purple and cut it to just barely above sholder length and cut short bangs. that would look reeeeaally cool. and if i drew in my eyebrows, i would look alot better, i would also lllloooovvve to cut down on eyeliner, well more like eyeshadow, a slight layer of eyeliner all the way around each eye and then a little bit of eyeshadow on each lid and tons and tons of mascara,in purple maybe... and black lipstick and a spikey backpack with purple velvet spikes, a pleather skirt and large whole fishnets and mega platform swing boots and my faerie shirt and a lip peircing and i want a mini plastic sailor moon backpack(so i can altranate) and id want some black streeks in my purple hair..that would be the coolest. and then when i miss my long hair, i could get pony falls of and use those to make piggy tails, except id want them to be curly unlike my curent hair... thats what im gonna do with my hair tomorrow, ill take a shower and get the blue hairspray out then ill put it in pig tails then ill curl the pig tails and then i will use my blue hairspray to make them stay. i am so lame.
a coffin back pack and a lunch box with the cure on it would also be reeeally nice to have around...


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