Monday, November 22, 2004

ive only told my "normy" friends that im getting a coffin shaped back pack that is black, has little studs around the edges, and a big red cross on it, and im also getting a black velvet backpack that has big purple spikes. i only told my normy friends because that way, my anti-hottopic self will end up the only one with those two items. now i can order loads of stuff from said store that i will not mention just in case, and no one will ever have the same things as me. i want this one "boned vest" that has lace and taffeta on it (or made of it) and these one boots that lace up to midcalf and have a decent sized platform, and i also want their vintage style bat purse. the boned vest looks like a great alternative to the awesome corsets of that are about $120.00 more than the "boned vests" of spooky boutique. i dont know how its possible but ashley the bitchy freak poseur still hasnt discovered or and she thinks that a boustiey with two itsy bitsy sections of one inch wide boning that doesnt even go over the hips is a good deal (price wize and you could only wear this and feel comfortable once a year, renfest $60.00-$80.00) compared to a steel boned corset made of velvet and cotton twill that has a million(not literally) grommets and a hooks in the front and covers everything to a point that it could be worn to school($150.00) . a corset wouldnt fit ashley properly anyway, she doesnt really have hips. ive done some looking around and you can buy a better boustiey that is so much like a corset you could wear it with a victorian outfit and feel good in it at ren fest and it was only $80.00, and this boustiey(no idea how to spell it) had steel boning and everything. ashleys a dumbass, and you can blame her! anyway i think if i have about $160.00 after christmas, im going to buy the boned vest and the boots and the purse. heres my financial stradegy: save all money until christmas which would make $63.00 that way i could go to the mall with long lost best friend alex frank or something to buy all of my friends christmas presents and eat lunch like a piece of pizza or something, so id have $60.00 then id buy julia a book ($8.00) and a ring ($7.00) total: $15.00, then id buy ashley a necklace from hot topic ($10.00) and i could buy justin...hhhhm maybe some barbed wire bracelets total: $5.00 or red rubber spike bracelets, anyway, i could get alex a butterfly necklace or something since shes preppy and that would leave me with about $22.00 and then for christmas if i ask my grandparents for money they can give me $100.00 and then i can pull that, my already there money and whatever i get from my uncle mark $40.00 and then ill have $162.00 and i can buy my shit. yay. i dont know why but i enjoy planning things out vividly like this.


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